The Dashboard

December 3, 2023 by Michael Chow

Here, all of it! Click the buttons, expand the dropdowns, fill the inputs, multi-select one or two or three onto the graph, with its period in days or weeks or months (your choice), not this tab but the next, the next, or wait no the hamburger.

Every insight there, the keen with the mundane, interspersed for your pleasure—the needle is yours but first the haystack. It can’t be made a slide deck, a slide deck could never capture the sheer interactive power of dashboard. Lo! A graph with 14 colored lines—no wait—not one graph but 6 and let’s go to the next no sorry the next.

Bring me to the CEO, for within this page lies the calculation to every OKR, every non-OKR, every drilldown, rollup, spin-off, OLAP babelian metric hyperspace. Bring CEO to Dashboard.

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