Using R and the A* Algorithm: Cruising Around Minecraft

March 18, 2019

(This article is the last in a series on using the A* algorithm in R. See the first and second posts for more.) Last year at the NYC R conference, I had the chance to see David Smith demonstrate building and navigating a Minecraft maze, using the miner package. It was really cool! At the end of the talk, as we stepped out of the maze, my gaze turned to the lofty minecraft peaks in the distance. ... Read more

Using R and the A* Algorithm: Animated Pathfinding with gganimate

February 27, 2019

This post is the second part of a series on using the A* algorithm in R. While my previous post introduced the machow/astar-r library, and how it works, in this one I’ll focus on visualizing it finding a solution with gganimate. Below is an outline of what I’ll cover. manually define a maze and plot it with ggplot use an example class from the astar library to navigate it add a bonus picture of a gnome to the maze use a single line of gganimate to animate the A* search Drawing the maze First, we’ll load in the necessary libraries, and create a simple maze to navigate. ... Read more

Using R and the A* Algorithm: Turning Cats into Dogs

January 21, 2019

Recently, I’ve come across a 3 problems that were solved quickly using the A* algorithm: Splitting cantonese sentences into words (e.g. 我好肚餓 -> 我 - 好 - 肚餓). Comparing how similar sounding two english words are. Cruising around minecraft. Since I started on these problems using python, the python-astar package got me up and running quickly. However, when switching to R I wasn’t able to find it in any libraries, like igraph. ... Read more

Teaching Data Science to High Schoolers

April 5, 2018

Over the past year I’ve worked on the tools to execute and grade code behind the scenes at DataCamp. This work has ranged from expanding our open source tools for grading R and Python code, to running SQL and bash exercises. However, while helping scale up education data science education to thousands of students is something I’ve wanted to do since helping teach statistics in grad school, there’s is a certain sanity in being in a room with handful of students. ... Read more

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